Weekly 366

I decided to do a little weekly wrap so I can have a chance to reflect on the week and jot down anything that springs to mind. This blog might be all about the photo but I can’t resist a little bit of a blabber!


Week 31:

Had a super week this week. Everything just seemed to come together and found it really easy to find photos to take. I’m sure this means next week I’ll struggle to find anything inspiring, but will enjoy this feeling while it lasts!

Week 31 Project 366 Collage


Week 30:

This was the week that Britain will remember as the week summer arrived. We had long, hot days, endless blue skies and more sunshine than we knew what to do with. Glorious! I’m sure I’m going to look back at these pics and feel happy remembering these days.

Week 30 Project 366 collage


Week 29:

More pretty pics of Paris. It was seriously tough choosing just a pic a day for the few days I was in Paris. I came back and squeezed the kiddies a bit tighter having had a few days not seeing them. Ah, I missed their little selves.

Week 29 Collage


Week 28:

Poor Shine has had a bit aof a grumpy week, her molars are coming down and she’s not a happy bunny. Luckily she has Sun watching out for her and sharing his ice lollies. Oh and the wine – a girls weekend in Paris!

Week 28 Collage


Week 27:

Birthday week! Bird and I celebrated our birthdays this week so there were sweet treats aplenty.

Week 27 Collage


Week 26:

Week 26 Collage


Week 25:

I’ve noticed how much the countryside has begun to feature in my Project’s pics. We moved out of London to be closer to the countryside and to spend more time with the kids wandering about and it would appear from my pics that we’re taking advantage of that and loving it.

Week 25 collage


Week 24:

The Queen came to Hitchin! She was the talk of the town and I couldn’t help but get swept up in all the excitement.

Week 24 collage


Week 23:

The past week was dominated by Jubilee celebration. It would have been impossible to not have taken photos of Pimms and bunting!

week 23 collage project 366


Week 22:

Managed to find a little balance between snapping pics with my phone and having my DSLR to hand as well. Love the pic of Shine in the sun tent, it made a perfect little photography studio with the tent fabric filtering the bright sunlight.

week 22 project 366 collage


Week 21:

What a week. The sun came out and the whole of the UK cheered because the weather has been so miserable of late. As my pics tell, we have spent most of the week outside not wanting to waste a second of the sun and heat. Shine also has learnt to stand on her own, albeit for a few seconds at a time. Momentous!

Project 366 Week 21 Collage


Week 20:

My DSLR made a come back and I loved the project this week. Some weeks have not been as shiny as this week. It was just easy to snap my way through the week.

Project 366 Week 20 collage


Week 19:

Week of Instagram shots. I’m hooked – @bluebirdsunshine – come find me so I can follow you. I. Can’t. Stop. Next week I’m going to take my DSLR out and about so it doesn’t gather dust and get sad and lonely.

Project 366 Week 19 Collage


Week 18:

The week whizzed by really. Pretty fabrics, pretty birds, pretty water. Still raining. Very over the rain now!

Week 18 Project 366


Week 17:

Wet, wet, wet. More rain this week. All week in fact. Did mean there were some amazing rainbows about. Looking at this week’s pics there seems to have been a blue/grey colour tinge to everything. Hopefully next week will see the return of the sun!

Project 366 Week 17


Week 16:

This week was dominated by birthday, birthday, birthday. Shine turned ONE on Friday and so during the week I was racing around getting ready for a little party we threw on Saturday. Oh and rain. Rain, rain, rain. It was the wettest week in living memory.

Week 16 Project 366


Week 15:

This week I have been chasing my tail trying to get the house sorted after our move and settle Sun into his new nursery and prepare for Shine’s first birthday party. Madness. Hence again mainly photos from my phone. Looking forward to everything calming down a bit really so I can start exploring my new neighbourhood and take some photos of the area. At the moment there are a lot of shots of our back garden!

Project 366 Week 15


Week 14:

We moved home this week so everything’s been everywhere and time has been lacking so most of the pics are from my phone. I love the raindrops on the window on the afternoon storm photo. It’s amazing that you can get so much detail from phone cameras.

Project 366 Week 14


Week 13:

This week saw the sun come out to play…and stay, for a whole five days in a row. Glorious! Bird was away for the week so it was just me and two little monkeys baking, picnicing and doing craft projects to pass the days.

Week 13 Project 366


Week 12:

Super busy this week trying to sort a house move, look after two minkeys on my own and generally keep sane. Feel like I’ve been grabbing my camera at the last second all week. Love the Mother’s Day card from Sun. My first one he has made himself. Hooray!

Wk12 project 366


Week 11:

Poorly children have meant a week spent cuddling on the couch. It was heavenly to hit the park on Sunday and take in the fresh Spring air. Shine has just found a love of animals too, plastic and real.

Wk 11 Project 366


Week 10:

Got a new phone this week so I’m loving finally being able to snap pics anywhere anytime. And Instagram…where have you been all my life? I’m sure once the novelty wears off not every one of my photos will have to be treated. I hope.

Wk 10 Project 366


Week 9:

Bought myself some daffs to cheer myself up. Perfect fodder for photos too.

Wk 9 Project 366


Week 8:

Feeling in a bit of a slump this week to be perfectly honest. Hence the pic of my ugg boots. Sums up my mood really. Was lovely to see the crocus popping up through the earth though!

Week 8 Project 366


Week 7:

Pics say it all this week. Lots of baking, lots of fun, lots of love. It was Valentine’s Day afterall.

Week 7 366 Project


Week 6:

Snow! We have snow in London! That’s this week’s subject matter for 366 sorted then.

Week 6 Project 366


Week 5:

Freezing cold this week so lots of pics indoors. And we welcomed a new baby amongst our friends, who is adorable. Are newborn babies one of the most photogenic things in the world? I think so!

Week 5 Project 366


Week 4:

Feel like I’ve had a good week this week. We got out of the city and I felt inspired by seeing new things. Shine helped by being very cute playing with a box – thank you! Mother Nature played her part too by providing Sun with a spider to inspect.

Week 4 Project 366


Week 3:

Pushed myself to take photos in a crazy scrap yard this week. Didn’t get amazing pics but am proud of myself for getting over the intimidation and just snapping. Love the fragility I captured in the pic of Shine crying. This week has been a lot of the Shopping List game.

Week 3 Project 366


Week 2:

Loved taking portraits of Sun & Shine. Trying to remember to take my camera out with me. Need a new nappy bag to fit the camera in now I think!

Week 2 Project 366


Week 1:

Just starting out. Christmas is over, a new year is here. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into Project 366.

Week 1 Project 366


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