117/336 – Tippy Toe Tights

little girl standing on tippy toes


10 responses to “117/336 – Tippy Toe Tights

  1. Hello, it’s Lucinda your old associate from the bad old days of Hyperemesis here.

    Very nice tights; they look so sweet in them at that age…

    Sent you a friend request on Facebook, but I think it vanished in cyber space.

    I’m bringing out as an ebook my novel ‘That Scoundrel Emile Dubois’ not sure if you’re interested and you may not have a reading device (believe it or not, I don’t, yet, plan to get one, short of cash). It’s really over the top, comic, gothic, involves time travel, man vampires, two swashbuckling Georgian rogues who are ludicrously broght to heel at the end by the heroine Sophie and her maid Agnes. I’ve just started a blog about it, hmm…

    Got fed up with that sickening ‘Thunk’ on the front hall as the manuscript came back from agents with a standard rejection…

    I;m bring

    • Hi Lucinda, Great to hear from you! How exciting to be bringing out your ebook. Hope it goes brilliantly. Must feel good to be able to be in control of the process. Am off to check out your blog xxx

      • bluebirdsunshine
        Thanks for following me. I hope you got the right blog, not the old one? My current one is [http://sophieandemile.wordpress.com/].
        I had an old blog I thought was no longer visible about a murderous sea captain (part of some ironical literary critcism) come up when I went via my icon here, which made me think, oh no! I want the new one to be on display. I am still hopeless as IT, as you can see.

        It’s so fun taking lots of pictures of kids when they are little. My daughter is a teenager now, and is forever deleting my digital pictures.
        with the words ‘How come you take such horrible pictures of me?! You’re worse than Granny…’

        blog I thought was hidden

      • Hi there, your gravatar (the pic and details that appear when you comment on other people’s blogs, or are online) is pointing to your old blog. To change it, when you’re logged in to WordPress go to the top right of the page and hover over your blog name and image you should get a dropdown menu. Click on your image and you’ll be taken to a page where you can change the link to show your new blog. It should be a page called Account in your Settings. Make sure the Primary Blog is set as your new one, and also set the Web Address field to your new blog. Don’t forget to click Save Changes. It might take a little while to update, a few hours, but it should. Let me know if you get stuck šŸ™‚

      • Thanks, you’re invaluable!

        I’ve followed your instructions and with luck, it should change to the new one. What a thickhead I am about IT, but that will come as no news to you.

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